Table Talks – Brian True

Table Talks provides a place for people of all walks of life to come, sit down at a table, play some board games, enjoy some coffee, and engage in a sense of community that is becoming more and more rare since the invention of smartphones. Targeting dating couples, students, families with young children and, of course, board game enthusiasts, Brian’s looking to fulfill the unmet need for entertainment options in Springfield.

Flourish – Rebekah Hart & Audrey VanZant

Flourish is not your typical flower shop, they use locally grown, fresh cut flowers to create unique arrangements. They are incorporating a ton of new ideas like workshops, houseplants, build your own price tools, events, portable coolers, a community garden, and subscription boxes. Basically, Flourish is going to bring change and modernization to the floral industry and look to do this right here in their hometown.

Main Squeeze Juice Bar – Craig Williams & Earl Taylor

Main Squeeze Juice bar wants to become a staple on the south side of Springfield. Their business is a mobile juice bar serving the best fresh-pressed juices. Having grown up on the south side and seeing the utter lack of healthy eating options on this side of town and high levels of nutritional illiteracy, they want to bring healthy options to Springfield and help the community live a healthier lifestyle.

Everyday Angler – Stone Nickerson

Everyday Angler is a specialty fishing shop that will supply bait and tackle specifically targeted to local bodies of water like the Mad River and the C.J. Brown Reservoir. But Everyday Angler is going to be more than just a store. It will be a hub for beginner, intermediate and advanced anglers to learn more about the sport, participate in activities, and purchase the latest fishing gear from friendly experts!

Afromeals – Gabi Odebode

Afromeals plans to introduce African food to Springfield though cooking classes, catering, and product sales. Already experienced in the art of teaching people how to cook African and Caribbean food in test kitchens in other cities, Gabi plans to find a place in Springfield where she can teach her cooking classes, prepare large catering orders, and accommodate the preparation and packaging of her spice blends and “puff puff mix” to be sold at places like Jungle Jim’s, Kroger, and Whole Foods.